Monday, May 4, 2009

Less Food Allergies This Summer... yay

Last summer was FULL of food allergy reactions from Chris.... remember??


After the summer of reactions, we thought he would forever have trouble eating some of these common fruits and veggies!!! And so ALL winter we avoided these culprits like the plague.... LOL!!

But already this spring, cucumbers, watermelon and cantaloupe have entered the house and been tested by the Little Boy Who Will Try all Things ONCE:) Christopher asked before we did let him try these foods. All were served during separate meals with other foods that have never caused reactions from him.

And the little man said after eating each, "Look Dad, no reaction. I can eat this now and it won't make me sick!!!" Ohh, sweet little thing!!

But he was right!! We didn't see ANY signs of a reaction. NO rashes, NO sniffles, NOthing!

We still will be cautious about where and when he can eat these foods!! As we've learned with food allergies, they are unpredictable. They can show up anytime, anywhere with any food!! So the key is to remember what you put in your mouth.... especially if you start feeling weird.

For now we are soo thankful for this development, hopefully it will last!! And Christopher is just tickled that he can have cucumbers and watermelon again:) Maybe seeing their brother eat it all up, the girls will be moivated to try these "new" foods as well.
Quickly let me mention the ketchup issue..... Chris eats plenty of ketchup at home... he's the Ketchup KIng:) But it seemed like recently he ALWAYS broke out at Wendys. Finally I started asking for packets of ketchup instead of using their dispensors.... NO reactions.... so we're ALL using the packets now.... strange, but true:)


Tasha said...

Maybe it was whatever they were using to clean the ketchup containers with. Or perhaps the packaging? I broke out in hives a couple of months ago and have no idea what it was the did it. I never ate anything new or different, washed my clothes in the same detergent. Happened three days in a row, I had to take Benadryl to calm the itching and then on the fourth day, nothing.

grandma said...

I am so very thankful that there have been no bad reactions lately! I pray that this continues!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What great news! I am so happy for Chris!