Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lip Gloss and Another Strawberry Adventure

Since we had such a CRAZY weekend, Brian decided to take us out to eat on Sunday afternoon. As we were changing clothes and packing some "safe eats", Christopher decided to get into Anna's lip gloss.

Usually, he'll put some on his lips or cheeks.... no, not soo lucky! He squirted the ENTIRE Hannah Montana sticky gooo lip gloss onto the middle of his head. I got some of out with a wipe, but then MY fingers were sticky!!!

In the rush, Brian tried washing it out with the kids' shampoo, slicked it over and then we headed out. They fell asleep in the car so I didn't mess with it until after his nap, before evening church:)

Not knowing what to use to get it OUT with, I Goggled "how to get lip gloss out of hair"!!! Do you know there were 3,050,000,000 related sites!!!! LOL... I guess other MOMS have CHRISTOPHERs:) I actually did feel some comfort in that:)

I gathered the suggested supplies and headed into the bathroom. He was NOT looking forward to the second round of head-scrubbing:)

I decided to try the least harsh first... vegetable oil... the picture was that attempt.... gross!! Then after a rinse, I tried vinegar! I thought I could feel the stickiness come out even when I rinsed it, so then I tried just normal shampoo to get the oil and vinegar out...LOL

And voila his head was back to normal...... I DON'T think he'll be doing that again because he really did not ENJOY his head getting scrubbed so much... LOL
We did head back out to the strawberry patch this morning. I have goals of canning and freezing strawberries this season..... but these weeks have been soo crazy:) With my goals in mind though, I was planning to pick a BUNCH with 3 kids.... ha hahahaaaa

Anyway, lets just say they picked some, ate some and played in DIRT!! They were covered head to toe in sand and dirt (Chris even had some in his shirt)! Lydia had an accident in her pants and was clothing-less from the waist down! NOT one child was wearing shoes....

I don't even want to know what the other people around me thought... LOL... and NO I didn't bring my camera. So the little girl with only shirt on wandering around the strawberry patch will just be a memory without a pic;)

I picked over 15 pounds of strawberries!!! We'll see how far into perserves and freezing I get. I've got BIG goals:) But really anything put away for later would be nice:) And they say I have one more week to pick:)

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Jenny said...

LOL about the lip gloss and you googling it. I do that too. I remember after my daughter's sleep study, I had to use Dawn dish soap to get the greasy, sticky goo out of her hair.