Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Watermelon Issues

Last week we went watermelon pickng and had a FUN time...playing in the field, hunting for watermelon, tomatoes and some peppers:)
Last night we finally made some time to enjoy our was soo yummy....nothing beats a fresh, locally grown watermelon.....
Just after a few bites of watermelon, Christopher's little face started breaking out and his eyes started getting itchy..... the watermelon allergy returns!!!
So, we thought that he was only allergic to seedless, but this one had plenty of looks like no more watermelon for Little Man for a while......
But he helped me pick some more blueberries this morning....and NO reactions.... so at least he can enjoy our fresh, locally grown blueberries.
And can I tell you how blessed we are as a pastor's family in a very agricultural area.....I'm just soo thankful for them sharing all their yummy summer goodies :)


Drea said...

wow.. I have never heard of a watermelon allergy... thats so different! But hey I love blueberries way more.. so if I could choose an allergy.. it be watermelon over blueberries any day :-)

Jenn said...

yeah, me too! I sooooo love blueberries!!

Melons aren't my bag baby! hehe...but i know kids really like i'm sad for the little fella...he is so precious in that field!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,
I am sorry to hear that Christopher reacted this time again after all went fine the other time. You thought that the difference is between seed and seedless, but have you imagine that it could be the kind of the water melon? You get here water melons with a dark green skin (like those on your picture) and others with lighter green and nearly white stripes. Maybe this is the difference that makes the allergic reaction. Just an idea. Maybe it is worth to check out.