Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WFMW - Drink Water

Gotta another frugal tip for WFMW at We are THAT Family!!! Join in there are a tond of great $ saving ideas:)

We were watching the news sometime this week and they had a segment about McDonalds competing with Starbucks.... hahha, breaking news I know:)But it got me thinking about how much is spent daily, weekly, monthly on coffee, soda and other speciality drinks.

We are NOT coffee or soda drinkers, occassionally we'll make a pitcher of tea on the weekends or if we have company over for a meal. So this isn't NEW savings for us. But I KNOW it saves us money to drink the clean and safe tap water. And while we are out-to-eat we usually get water.

We do drink juice as well, but Brian and I have maybe a glass a day (usually mixed with water to tone down the sweetness). And the kids have 2 or 3 mixed with water cups and then have water!!

Water is soo cheap and very healthy!!! We've been watching Biggest Loser lately and they are constantly pushing the contestants to drink water:) NO calories and great for the body:)

I thought this was interesting for those coffee drinkers. Here's a cost break down for coffee!! I remember my dad always stopping by 7-11 for his morning cup of coffee EVERYDAY of the week!! It's amazing how the little costs add up!!

McDonalds small speciality coffee = $2.29 per cup (+ tax)
$11.48 a week for 5 cups
$16.03 a week for 7 cups
$595.40 - 833.56 per year!!! Whoa!!


Aunt Beatriz said...

I love Starbucks coffee!!! but because of my stomach problems I can't drink it often, I guess I'm saving already tons of money! :)

Anonymous said...

I am drinking water the most, too. Not only to save money mostly because of the healthness...I cannot stand all this sugar drinks! Look at the kids who are drinking coke, sprite etc. all day long. I always make me tea in the morning and then for work I take a bootle of 1,5 liters of mineral water with me. When I come home in the evening I drink the rest of tea and then again water if I still feel thirsty. Of course, I do not mind to drink a coke, a beer or a glass of wine when I am in the mood for it or something is celebrated. But for daily drinking I think water is still the best.