Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Mini-Vacation

I mentioned on my post last night that our mini-vacation to see my family was quickly planned, but as we left the house we were soo amazed at houw quickly everything was packed and ready!!

We get to the hotel and unpack, then realize I forgot the cord to my electric skillet.... ooops!! How in the world was I going to cook raw pork chops?? LOL, well thank goodness my sister was on her way to see us and able to pick up her George Foreman:) So dinner was SAVED!!

We played on the beach, took plenty of photos, visited with Grammie, Aunt Jaclyn and Uncle Carson! Before dinner the kids wanted to swim in the pool... so that's what we did:) At 8pm we got back into the hotel room to cook dinner with the Foreman!! After dinner the kiddies (and Mommie) wanted to swim again. So the kids and I headed to the pool while Brian cleaned up dinner... isn't he sweet.

When Brian walked into the pool area I was busy getting the kids arm floaties on them. Christopher had been sitting in the pool on the steps... anyway, he had ventured INTO the pool WITHOUT his floaties.... he got too deep!!!! So I look down at him and just yell to Brian to jump in and get him since my hands were stuck in the girl's floaties.

So Brian jumps in after Chris with NO time to empty his pockets. When they BOTH were out of the pool and calmed down a bit, Brian pulls our car keys and our "new" cell out of his pockets... so the rest of the trip we were OUT a cell.

Back in the room, we figured out that all of our packed toiletries NEVER made it into the van, nevertheless in the room where we needed them. Grrrrr... no toothbrushes, toothpaste, brushes, razors, deodarant.... basically all those things needed for personal hygiene!!!!!

So we called home...hahhaaa... actually we called my parents(and brother) to ask when they can to visit, if they could bring some essentials and then we got some toothbrushes and toothpaste from the front desk:)

On Monday, we woke early. Ate Breakfast at the hotel, unpacked the bikes and rode bikes with Grammie and Uncle Eric for a bit. The kids and I swam in the pool while Brian packed the bikes back onto the van. Then at 10:40 we get into the room and everyone gets a bath and packed up to check out at 11am... and we did it:) LOL

Jaclyn met us at her salon to cut my hair! Then we ate lunch, tried to nap at Grammie while Brian caught a movie! We got to meet Uncle Eric's girlfriend (or "new" sister... that's what Anna called her...LOL) and have a steak dinner fixed by my mom who can grill an amazing STEAK... yummmy!

We climbed back into the van for our trip home:) The kids did well... thanks to the DVD player. And they were fast asleep 20 minutes after we got home:) They were exhausted after our fun and busy trip:)

here are some of my favorite pictures :
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Jenny said...

Great pics! It sounds like it was a bit crazy, but sure fun!

Heather said...

The pictures are great! We were at the beach this last weekend too. :) My sis. graduated from UNCW.