Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh, My Little Man

While tucking in our little man tonight we thought,"How can something soo sweet and cute be such a mess???"

* At during service he had to be taken out TWICE... I had to have sit next to me b/c he was on the floor poking at people's shoes. Needless to say, he was NOT happy about the change in seating.

* While on the trampoline with some friends he's jumping in his tighty-whites only... his originals "got wet".

* He assured me he went potty before he climbing to his bed for a nap. He woke SOAKED!! And because he was under his comforter he was also drenched with sweat:)

* Lydia comes running to be saying that "Christopher has BIG stinky". So I got into his room and he is still... so I bring him to the potty.... and he made the rest in the POTTY... whoo hooo... Thank you LITTLE SIS!!

* After making a stinky... he tries to shove his favorite ball into the potty... yes, it got stinky!

* And that is NOT including all the times he had to hand us a toy he was aiming at his sisters.

* Finally as I was getting his diaper on for the night. I noticed that he was drinking something (after his teeth were brushed, of course). He says, "Mom, it's fresh!" Then I realize it's the chocolate soymilk that I fixed for him for Sunday School at 10am.... ewwwwww!! Fresh? right

I adore my little man!! He definitely keeps us on our toes and our patience is tested daily!!! But I couldn't imagine a day with out his goofy giggles, his wild stories, his adventurous spirit, love of life and yes, even a few snuggles and kisses when I can sneak them in:)

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