Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WW: Happy 5th Birthday, ANNA!!

May 27, 2004

May 2009

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Today is the day!!! The day you have been looking forward to for awhile.... the day you turn 5!!! You are just soo excited to be 5! How did you get to be so old?

I still remember having those first contractions on May 27th in the wee hours in the morning. They told me labor would start SLOW so I should plan to labor some at home before heading to the hospital... I wasn't able to sleep because of contractions, excitement, nervousness, more excitement and Daddy checking on my every minute:)

So after taking a early shower and having Daddy put in some laundry:) we called the doctor. Over the phone she said I should be in the car heading to the hospital. We grabbed the bags and headed there. Oh, can woke up Grammie on the way:)

Your delivery was less than peaceful! But it was worth every push!! You were such a cutie.... even with your cone head:) And you were such a sweet baby... except every night from 7-9pm when you'd scream your head off and wake up townhouse neighbors:)

You've been such a sweet blessing in our lives. It's been amazing to see how much you have changed over these 5 years. From newborn to independent, sweet, helpful and kind little girl! We are soo thankful to the Lord for you! And we pray often that you would grow to be a young woman who loves the Lord with her whole heart, works hard at the tasks she's been called to and attempts to serve others!

We love you, Anna!!

Happy 5th Birthday!!

Here is her montage from last year:

And Jaclyn and Hannah Grace were being induced last night. So Anna and Hannah might be sharing a B-day:) I'll let you know and hopefully share some pics when I know more:)


Stam House said...

Happy birthday little lady!!!!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Anna!

She's adorable. I can't believe how fast time goes by.

grandma & granddaddy said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful five year old!

Anonymous said...

I am a little bit late.
But I still like to wish you ANNA all the very best for your personally new year!
Wow, 5 years you are now! That's great!
Happy be-lated birthday!