Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WFMW - Birthday Countdown Chain

Check it out at WFMW, hosted by We Are THAT Family!

When we turned the calendar to MAY, Anna was SOOO excited!! Finally her birthday!! Ummm.... sort of!! You see she's been waiting for MAY but what she is really waiting for is May 27th, so she can be 5!!!

To help her "countdown" the days until her birthday, I made a simple little Birthday Countdown!!! It's super, super, super simple and cheap!! I just used construction paper and made little loops threaded into each other.

But to make it fun and personal, I wrote little memories I had about her as a baby and little girl inside each loop!! So everyday she takes a loop off the chain and we read the little memory for her. And then she makes a comment about the chain getting shorter and runs off and plays....

Brian and I sit and remember the sweet memory written in the loop.... when she rolled, when she first walked, how she would "nurse" her baby dolls after Christopher's birth!! LOL

BTW... Happy Birthday to MY Brother, Brian!! We love you and hope we can se you sometime this summer!!! I'd tell you how old he is but then you'll know my age:)


{ L } said...

LOVE LOVE this idea! Will definitely be doing this. Thanks xo

Jenni R. said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

That's a great idea. My daughter will be 5 on May 22nd and she is really looking forward to her birthday!

That's a sweet baby picture!!

eringoodman said...

what a great idea!! i have an almost-five-year-old who would love this too!

Jenny said...

Aww shes so adorable.