Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The HUGE Chew

We thought Lydia looked soo cute and funny tonight at church with a HUGE wad of gum in her mouth!! She never actually chews the BIG pieces of gum. She'll just stick it her cheek and suck on it for a while... savor the flavor:) LOL

It was just too cute.... her big wad of gum sticking out of her little cheek:)

Onto the BIG, BIG project..... we painted the dining room:) It was a BIG task for us because neither of us had ever painted on our own... just on youth trips,etc!! LOL

Anyway, we did really well. Although the color isn't exactly what I had pictured, it's nice to have a non-white wall in the house:) Brian made the comment that this was the 1st house that he's living in in over 10 years that didn't have ALL white (off-white) walls.... and he is soo ready to paint some more....LOL

I really want to post pics of the FINAL product. I have a couple of things I want on the walls and another piece or two of furinture that needs to be moved in.....

but add those little tasks to visiting with grandparents (YAY!!), the other tasks I need done this week AND Brian's graduation on Friday... I'm BUSY:) So those pics will be coming as soon as I can get it together...

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