Friday, May 15, 2009

A BIG Helper

Lydia has been soo interested in "helping"... she tried to do EVERYTHING herself:) It's soo funny to watch her do all these "Big Person" jobs!!!

Anna has a list of 6 "morning chores" that we encourage her to do every morning! She is rewarded with pennies in her penny jar, but Lydia LOVES to do Anna's "morning chores" as well!! Lydia dresses as soon as she wakes up, brushes her teeth with Anna and asks Anna to help her make her bed.... it's too cute!!

This morning, Lydia asked, "I help you MOmmy??" I was unloading the dishawasher at the time and intially thought, "no way... it's easier to do it myself".. LOL!! But I gave her the utensil basket and she went to town:)

Lydia did really well and saved me a couple of minutes:) Better yet was the ability to praise her for her help and joyful attitude. I am soo thankful she is soo willing to help:) She is also my vacuum-er:)

I think teaching my children how to take care of themselves, clean up after themselves and care for their clothing/home is important. While I try to incorporate teaching/training into some of our daily tasks, I also need to make opportunities to teach them more. And then praise, praise, praise them for all of their hard work:)

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