Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's NOT just Watermelon

LAst night Grandma sliced up some cantaloupe for us....YUMMY!! Christopher jumped right in, eating a piece as we were all still gathering around the table!! I just let him enjoy his cantaloupe.... but we all kept a watchful eye since cantaloupe isn't a common food in our house (Anna won't eat most melons, so we really don't buy and eat a lot of melon).

Sure enough the little guys chin (where the juice had drippled down) started to break out. I just let him finish it... he LOVES fruit!! And then he started complaining about his mouth hurting so I went for the Benadryl!!! He got a dose and played around with his food and then was a little moody the rest of the evening, probably from the reaction, his mouth, and being sleepy (he didn't have a nap, instead they played with Grandma!!!).

Grandma also purchased a honeydew for us to munch on while we're here. So I"m tempted to let him try it to test out this "melon allergy" theory. And I'm also really curious to get some in Lydia and Anna....what if his allergy is from having a little bit and then not having any for a year or so????


Anonymous said...

Kelly, I do not have children, but I have read a lot about food allergies in last time, since mine got worse and I also read about it during childhood(just in case you wonder, where my knowledge comes from), as I already had the first signs of food allergy as child but nobody knows about food allergy here at this time (beginning of the 1980's). One thing I read about food allergy is that many children have got allergy to tomatoes, chicken and eggs. But the good news about it is that it will pass by while growing up. So i think you are doing the right way by letting Christopher testing the fruit and see whether he reacts or not. I think it also could be helpful if you write down to which fruit he reacted and let him try the fruit a few years later again because it is very possible that it will pass by. PS: If he has a melon allergy, remember that cucumber and zucchini are coming from the same family. Christopher probably will react to them, too.

3 for Me!! said...

Thanks for the encouragements...

I too have read that many of the things that we have reactions to as children "go away" but some linger.... food allergies are soo strange and unpredictable!! But our prayer is that the kids outgrow them, although we're very thankful their reactions have been mild.

Thanks for the heads up about zucchini and cucumber...I didn't realize it.....he LOVES cucumber but hasn't had any reactions yet..