Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh, no.... has it Started Already???

After an early morning of participating in a church service project, our family was able to attend a birthday party of a friend. They had invited kids from all over town, so it was soo nice to other families that we knew and even kiddies that we've had at our church's VBS programs:)

Of course the best part of going to a friends' house is the different toys and places to explore.

BY far one of the coolest things I have seen was this treehouse that the parents had built for their children. They had built it inside a magnolia tree!! Anyway, the kids were climbing up and down all afternoon:)

I didn't get a picture with the steps. They were the classic piece of 2 by4 nailed into the tree. And then they had a bucket at the bottom that the kids could fill up with stuff and pull up at the top!!

Soo much fun!!

The kids also liked the tire swing:) But as Brian and I watched them playing we were wondering??

There was a little boy... hmmm, maybe 8 or 9 yrs old... anyway, he was acting silly around the girls. He was teasting them (kindly) and then being super sily trying to get them to laugh! And the two little girls on the swing were giggling, in stitches over the boy's antics!

Could it be flirting already??? LOL

I need to end with this picture of cute-ness!!!

OK, ok, one more.... here was Christopher's favorite part of the day:)

*** He got to ride with Mr Mike in the morning and then he helped Daddy for a little bit before lunch.... He was soo excited about staying with his Daddy to help mow the lawn:)

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Drea said...

awe what a fun house!
we had a tree house as kids.. and loved it!!