Thursday, May 21, 2009

Throwback Thursday - Graduations

Well tomorrow is the BIG day for Brian (and US)!! He gets to walk across the stage and be officially, officially DONE with the PhD program!! Honestly, 6 months ago we didn't think we'd be excited about May 22nd....

but we are soo estactic and proud now. Brian really spent every moment he could getting everything done, definitely a "season of intensity" for all of us!! So we have MUCH, MUCH rejoicing and cheering to do tomorrow:)

Last night Brian and I were remembering our other SEBTS graduations we have celebrated together... so I thought I'd share OLD pics and memories:)

May 2002

This is Brian's graduation with his MDiv degree!! Here we are with the grad and Brian's mom.
We met during his last year of MDiv work!! So this was just 3 weeks BEFORE we were married!!!

So not ONLY were we pumped about Brian being finished with his MDiv we were in the midest of last minute wedding plans:)

May 2004

This was when I graduated with my Masters! So we'd been married for almost 2 years!

Can you tell that I was very, very pregnant!!! I was!! I was almost 39 weeks pregnant!! Uncomfortably pregnant... check out those ankles... gross!! Those we the ONLY shoes that FIT my swollen feet....

SEBTS (at least when I attended) you were REQUIRED to participate in the graduation service. So when I filled out my paperwork, I included an extra statement about how pregnant I was going to be at the time and that only thing that would prevent me from participating was labor... LOL!!

Graduation was on a Saturday, I went into labor with her in the wee hours of the morning Thursday and had her by lunchtime:)

It is fun to compare our family then to now. Now instead of worrying about the heat and pregnancy exhaustion like then, I have to pack a bag to keep three little hands and minds busy during a graduation service... especially with the PhD ceremony at the END:)

SO tomorrow will be another graduation!! This degree has been a LONG haul (7 years) but I am soo thankful for the opportunity Brian had. I know he has grown in his abilities as a writer, researcher, teacher, but especially in his faith. Under the Christain Philosophy program he has had to define his faith using Scripture, logical and historical arguements... he has examined them and has a stronger faith as a result of those "examinations"!


Jenny said...

Congratulations! What an exciting time for your family.

Drea said...

aweee i remember u that pregnant!! i remember thinking those poor pregnant women sitting in those hots robes under that sun!! I was pregnant but in a thin sun dress in the shade HAHA.
Your ankles look so swollen! :) bet ur glad that day was over haha
Cant wait to see pics from the graduation today.
Sorry we cant come! we would of loved 2