Friday, May 15, 2009

Strawberry Eating... um, I mean Picking

One of the things I LOVE about summer is the varieties of yummy and colorful, fresh fruits and veggies... yummy!! So this morning the kids and I started out early to pick some strawberries... I love fresh and local strawberries!!!

We went to a local patch... I LOVE this place because how friendly the staff is with the kids:) They'll give each kids their own little pint bucket!

Here they are doing the picking...

Ah, yes, and some eating... of course!!

Once Lydia started sampling she didn't stop... LOL!! She was COVERED in strawberries... from her little hands, to her shirt, to the legs of her pants! She was COVERED! But she continued to eat:)

We picked over 11 lbs of strawberries!! LOL... that seems like a LOT, but by a couple of desserts, cereal, pancakes, maybe some in the freezer for bread... they get eaten up FAST here;) And it's CHEAP to stock up on strawberries when WE pick them... only $1 a lb!!

Here is a picture Lydia took of the strawberries... blurry, but yummy!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love strawberries! I will go and get some plants for the balcony. :-)