Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday - A Start to AN Easy Meal

Check it out at WFMW, hosted by We Are THAT Family!

When I do buy pack of ground beef (not too often because we eat a lot of ground turkey), I purchase the HUGE value sizes!! It's cheaper per pound! And it's nice to have meat in the freezer!!

While I usually divide out the meat by approximate pounds and store them in freezer bags.... I've been doing things a little differently lately!

I'll divide out the meat and then make it unto how I want to USE it!! So last week when I purchased a HUGE, family-sized value pack, I got to work.

We had planned to have hamburgers that night, so I made 1.5 into hamburger patties for that night and then another 1.5 lbs into patties for another night!! I wrapped them in waxed paper(I should be using freezer paper) , stuck them into a large freezer bag together and stuck them in the freezer!!! When I use them, I can defrost them in the fridge or stick them frozen on the George Foremna grill.... sooo easy.... the bulk of the work for that dinner already COMPLETED!

I did pack a couple of lbs into separate bags for spaghetti or tacos one night:) Then the last 1.5 lbs I mixed and shaped into meatballs.

While I usually just stick them in a freezer bag together, I decided to freeze individually FIRST and then put them in a bag so I could take out as many as I wanted at a time:)

When Brian saw them in the freezer he immediately started talking about Meatball Sub night.... so that is probably what we'll use them for:)

While the initial dividing out, mixing, shaping and storing adds to your kitchen work one afternoon.... it's worth having the meat ready to be cooked during your next dinner scramble:)

BTW... the BIG, BIG project is almost completed "for the moment"... I don't have the decor complete but the "reveal" (LOL) will be coming soon:)


Mom2fur said...

I do this, too! I find it is so much easier to have the meat prepped ahead of time when it comes to meal planning. Sometimes, I make up burgers or meatballs (I'm making meatballs today, as a matter of fact) or even a small meatloaf. Sometimes, I just brown the meat, but I usually add onion and garlic powders, salt and pepper. I've yet to see a recipe that doesn't need these basic ingredients.
I like to wrap my burgers individually, too. That way, I only have to take out as many as I need. There are only 4 of us here now...my two oldest moved into their own places recently. It's funny having to downsize our dinners, but it sure saves money, LOL!

Erin @ Closing Time said...

Great idea! I have used this principle in the past, but have gotten lazy. After reading this, I'm feeling inspired to try it again.