Friday, May 22, 2009

Found a Tattletale

The kids found a little green "rain" frog this afternoon and named him Tattletale!!! We caught him, made him a little habitat and Anna even napped with him!!! (he was in the "bug catcher" habitat) And yes he was IN my house...

LOL ... the kids snuck him in before I even knew it:) They had him sitting on Anna's dresser while I was outside trying to find the "bug catcher" to show Brian...LOL... funny that Anna wanted him so close to her!

This evening we let him go! And he didn't immediately jump away. Nope! Instead he came over to hang out with me:)

He was such a cute little frog.... I had a little "shoot" with him as my model:) LOL

I was honored when Brian's mom said that Christopher takes after me when it comes to enjoying nature. He was busy all afternoon helping me catch the frog and then he spent the rest of his time outside making some "chalk"-o-lot milk for the frog... a recipe of chalk, water and dirt!!

I love that my kids all seem to like nature and being outside! They love to talk about animals, the weather, and plants we see!! I love that they are interested in the simplest complexities of nature.... watching the humingbirds around the Momosa tree, finding worms in the garden while pulling weeds and playing with Tattletale!


Jenny said...

How fun! My daughter also loves being outside, which she didn't get from me :)

Night Owl Mama said...

Wow is that ever cute must be luck