Thursday, May 28, 2009

Purchasing Coupons & Kiddie Favorite Food Deals:)

After learning about the Harris Teeter Triples this week, I ordered some coupons.... yes, you can actually purchase coupons. I knew it was next step in being coupon "savvy" so it was just a matter of time before I jumped into that aspect of the game.

I searched through the list of deals to find the things I wanted to stock up on and then I used my list to generate a list of coupons to purchase!! Where did I purchase them.... THE Coupon Clippers!! They have TONS of coupons listed and a search engine that helped me find what I was looking for:)

I purchased coupons for the kiddies favorite nuggets and Brian's favorite hot dogs and then some HT deals. The coupons were mailed on Tuesday and I received them this morning in the mail on my way to the grocery store:) Super Fast!!!

Then I headed over to Food Lion to pick up their store flyer:) I just like having a HARD copy! BUt while at Wally World, I saw that their Ball Park Hot Dog prices were cheaper, so I pulled out the Food Lion flyer and got the BOGO deal even cheaper:) Here's the break down:
Ball Park Beef hot dogs at FL were 3.99 each so BOGO is 2 for 3.99
Ball Park Angus Beef @ Walmart were 2.98, so BOGO is 2 for 2.98
then I pulled out my buy 2 get $1 off coupon... so 2 packs for 1.98... LOL...
THAT's RIGHT 2 packs of Ball Park Beef Hot Dogs for less than $2, or $1 each!!!!!

Then ....LOL.. (yes there is more)

Tyson chicken nuggets were on sale at FL 2/$9 so $4.50 each. Walmart brought their price down to compete with FL to 4.32! Then I pull out my The Coupon Clippers coupon (that I purchased for .12) and got my bags for $3.32.... pretty good for a bag of "safe" nuggets that will feed my kids for at least 2 meals!!! And the normal price at Food Lion for the Tyson nuggets is like over $6!!!

So my total bill for coupons at The Coupon CLippers was about $6, but just in my grocery visit today I've recouped $5 of it.... and I have the triples shop coming up this weekend and Monday... so I'll definitely be getting my $ back, plus more:)

BTW... they have over 1800 more Ball park coupons and 750 of the Tyson nugget coupons:)

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