Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jaclyn and Hannah Grace

I'm an aunt!! And wished I lived closer!!!

My little sister went into the hospital thinking her water was "leaking" at 11ish on Tuesday night. Her water was leaking and had been since 5am on Tuesday!!! So the hospital kept her and gave her pitocin to start labor.

Aunt Jaclyn labored from when the pitocin kicked in. She also chose to get an epideral (something I'm not familiar with at all). So she was able to rest some, chat on th phone and have visitors for a good part of the day:)

Hannah Grace arrived about 5:25pm!! A LONG Day:) My mom didn't tell me her length but her weight was 6lbs 6 ozs!! I think there were a couple of scary moments during her arrival... so thanks for those who prayed for them.
Isn't she cute:)

I'm so thankful that Hannah Grace is here and that Jaclyn is doing well! So now is the time for Jaclyn to heal and their little family adjust to a "new" way of life!!

OHHHH, and we are sooo ready to see you guys!!!


grandma said...

Congratulations to Aunt Kelly and to Cousins Anna, Christopher and Lydia!

Drea said...

aweee congrats!! Chris, Lydia and Anna have a cousin! hehe