Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy, Busy Week

Looking at my calendar for this week, I am trying NOT to get overwhelmed... just take one day at a time:) WHAT do we have going on???

  • BIG, BIG project (for us) to be revealed by mid-week... hopefully... LOL
  • Clean up BIG, BIG project
  • Start to get together the "homeschool room"
  • T-ball game in neighboring town


  • Reading time at the library, turn in old books, get new ones
  • Possibly help Andrea with some babywearing pics
  • Groceries
  • Continue to prep house for company
  • Go to a HS baseball game- watch one of our friends playing


  • Clean sheets and make beds for company
  • Grandma and Grandaddy come:)
  • Church service at night


  • Possibly strawberry picking and making jam with Grandma
  • Work on SIMPLE post for Sat.
  • Brian has graduation practice!!!


  • Brian's Graduation @ SEBTS.... early morning for all of us!!!
  • Lunch
  • Small party with Grandma and Grandaddy for Brian and Anna


  • BIG breakfast
  • Help Grandma and Grandaddy pack and leave (if we can't convince them to STAY)
  • Laundry and clean up house
  • REST!!!!

So if we are a little "quiet" this week you'll know why!! And I'm hoping to have our BIG, BIG project finished with pictures... we'll see how it goes... LOL


Jenny said...

I hope you have a great week. I can't wait to see your big project!

shopannies said...

sounds like you will be having a grand time. Congratulations to your husband A PHD takes alot of time and effort