Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This morning we did some preparations for Kidz Club and then headed to the park to invite people to the Club in the afternoon. I'll be honest that I was a little intimidated to initiate conversations (just part of my personality), but I got over it and had some conversations with strangers. And then I was further encouarged by my poor attempts to invite people when I saw them waiting for us at the park after lunch:)

We had kids waiting for us when we got there and many staying playing the games from 1 to 4pm!! We really had kids everywhere..... here is a busy time at the craft station.

The parachute was another HIT.... the kids had a blast!!!

Although the kids had a GREAT time at every activity!!! This was a favorite for the kids and on-lookers..... it was a relay with water balloons. The kids would be put into teams and given water balloons. Each kid would run to the cones and try to pop the water by sitting on it and then running back to their teams after it popped. Anyway, it was soo funny and the kids LOVED it!!! Plenty of kids left with SOAKED bottoms:)

After dinner, we did go to the SkatePark with the skateboarders...again, just truely amazed at their talents, courage, and perservance (trying tricks over and over).

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