Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Little Ripe Tomato

In our very, very little side garden we've been watching the plants grow hoping for some fruit. I always enjoy watching the plants grow and having the kids look through the plants for fruit growing..... hands-on science, right?

Finally, we started to see little green tomatoes forming. For the past week we've been waiting and waiting for this little tomato to be ripe:)

Well this evening I gave Anna the "go ahead" to pick our one little ripe tomato:)

All the kids were excited and wanted to see it:)

Well I think Anna's face says it all:)

The tomato was a little soft in a couple of places. The bottom also looked as if it was rotten throughout (we have yet to cut it open). Too bad, maybe we'll have to pick it a little sooner next time. Or maybe next season we'll have to sprinkle calcium on the roots....learned it from a neighbor:) it's supposed to keep the tomato from rotting while ripening.....

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Anonymous said...

Great you had your first tomatoe for this summer. Mine are still green but I am hoping that they will be ready to ripe soon. I also planted some zucchini for the first time this year. Looking forward to them, too. :-)