Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lydia's eating

Lydia has had some fussy moments and just really wants to held and to have her paci. We're away from home, so I am more willing to give in....she's my spoiled baby and I have work to do when we return home, breaking her of some of this...

Anyway, she's not been eating very well since we left.....finally today the eating battle was broken with a chicken sandwich, oranges, oatmeal and rice....

I actually think she is teething.....and we're eating out (which we don't do this often)....and naps times, so far, have been cat naps in the car..... so I know I should be thankful that she's sleeping soo well through the night, pleasant when held and finally eating something!!!!

We met witht he other church that we're working with. And this evening we met as a whole group with the pastor of the church we're helping. Our day-to-day tasks are clearer but the details will be part of our orientation and planning sessions tomorrow after church!!!!

Happy Lord's Day!!

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