Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Canadian "home away from home"

We have a suite .....and it's pretty sweet. Because we have 6 people in one room, I couldn't imagine anything smaller!!! But this layout is pretty nice...

A separate "kitchen"
(microwave, little fridge, sink and some cabinets)

Our living room with a fold out couch (Grammie's bed)

Our Bedroom (2 Queens and a pack-n-play)

The kids have slept very well since we left. They start to stir a little early in the morning, but so far we've been able to get them back to sleep until 7 or so!!! I've been soo thankful that they've gone to sleep easy....Christopher and Anna will whisper for a little bit. They're sleeping in different beds and then Brian sleeps with Chris and I sleep with Anna. Both kids move around so much during the night....they would be waking up each other all night!!! Lydia cries for a little when we first put her in the pack-n-play...but she quiets down quickly and crashes:)

While I'm on the topic of the kids.....they also travelled pretty easily!! Christopher and Lydia were sitting next to each other....they won't be on the way home:) Between vdeos, snacks, apaer and pencils, and naps....they kids did pretty well...Lydia was the only one that got "fussy" and Christopher was a little devious when he needed to nap (but that was when we were talking to the police...too much "excitement")

Okey dokey, off to figure out our plans for the day!!!

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