Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Sound Sleeper

When our kids were little it seemed like they were the lightest sleepers, anything would wake them or cause them to stir. But somehow by the time they were sleeping through the night they got to be the easiest kids to put to the bed ad the soundest sleepers.

Anna is now 4 days diaper free.... she has one more night to go before she can pick out her prize.... she is still not sure what she wants for her "special prize"..... Anyway, last night she didn't use the potty before she went to bed so when I went to bed at 11 or so, I went in to check to see if she had to go. I whispered and rubbing her arms... no luck in waking her.... I rolled ehr over and spoke a little louder... finally, I just sat her upright in her bed. Her eyes popped open ad then she did a slight smile, then her eyes rolled back into her head and fell over back asleep....

This afternoon I wanted to vacuum before company, so I laid the kids in their beds and tried to vacuum before they fell asleep... well Anna was exhausted and fell asleep before I got into the living room.....

Oh, if you didn't notice, Grandma and Grandaddy are now with us:) I'll have some more pictures and video soon:) The kids (and adults) are all excited about their visit:)

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