Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Canadian Lord's Day

This morning we visited our "Canadian church" - the church we're working with in ministry this week. Although the church was much smaller than we are used to and met in a local school, we enjoyed the service and especially meeting the church members:) And I personally can't wait to spend more time with Rob's wife....another young mom/pastor wife/SAHM, etc... just to have someone in the same stage in life and many of the same struggles....

Our "fearless" leader doing orientation.... since this afternoon was the official start to our ministry here...

The team spent most of the afternoon preparing the materials to use during the week!! The exciting part of this activity was the unity and teamwork that it built. We all immediately started working and then helping those who took on larger tasks.... it's always nice to have the team come together and start to blend:) The other church we are working with is from the same state as we are.... so we're already culturally unified... well sort of... the other group is mostly younger teen boy skateboarders...and we're a mixtiure of ages, with little to no knowledge of skateboarding:)

Ginny and Anna working together

Our team at the Skate Park

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