Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preschoolers, a Pastor and Rec Time

Brian has taken on doing the Recreation Rotation this year at VBS!!! He enjoys being outside, participating in sports and interacting with the kids, so this sounded like a great fit for him:) And before I go has been a GREAT fit for him, ALL the kids LOVE recreation and are having fun:)

Daily Brian has struggled with what to do with the preschool class:) He has Lydia (17 months) and 7 other kids at various ages up to 5 yrs old. Most haven't played any really rule-based or structured games. They are very excitable and wiggly. And they just don't understand staying between cones, especially not the 2 yr olds:) But he has come up with some games the preschoolers have LOVED:)

Here are their two favorites (so far):
1. picture to the left - The leaders hid the swim rings and then the kids walked around the church yard "looking" for them. The kids really liked the "hunting"! And they had to find all 10, so the older ones got to practice counting to ten:)

2. picture to the right - Brian and Wesley (his sidekick for the week) piled all the rings into a stack and then the kids took turns pushing them over, running into them and kicking them over. As you can see, when Christopher kicked them the rings initially went up and then landed all over him and around them:)

Funny, how simple the games for the little ones can be and how much fun they can have doing simple things like stacking and pushing things over:)

For the Family Night, Brian is working on a water balloon launcher. He's thinking it might be fun to have the kids launch the balloon and have the parents stand yards away and try to catch them:) We'll see if we can actually get it to work. The kids know we're planning something "big" but we haven't revealed it yet... not until we know we can make it work:)

Our pastor makes a pretty good Recreation Leader doesn't he.....