Sunday, July 27, 2008

Before she LOST her Paci

You'd think bringing 2 pacis would be enough for an 18-month-old.....but not for Lydia. She has lost BOTH already....tonight it disappeared at the SkatePark.....

So we had to finish the evening finding a new paci.... she has a cheapy Parent's Choice....but she took thank goodness she is content again. Grammie was an angel for keeping the screaming child (and the two content ones) in the van whiloe we did the errands.

We have a busy day tomorrow......painting garbage cans (to get a permit to use the public park), then "club" in the afternoon and then the SkatePark in the evening:) We're excited to "finally" get started in the ministry we've been praying about for almost a year now:)

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3 for Me!! said...

I found the lost one in my camera case this morning when I pulled my camera back out..... looks like it didn't disappear!!!!