Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Pout

My kids are some of the most expressive people I know.... maybe it's because I am their Momma and I know them very well.

Ever since Christopher was weeks old he'd "pucker up" when he was upset..... honestly, right before he'd scream his head off because he was hungry he'd give us this face.

But I haven't seen it in almost a year... maybe be longer. I'm thinking he stopped doing it because he could tell us what he wanted or point to what he wanted. But lately it has started again......

He was giving us this pout face because he wanted a ball that he couldn't reach. I saw the face, grabbed the camera, got a good picture (at least for me) and then asked him what was wrong. He quickly saw that his pout face needed some words to really achieve what it wanted, of course I did give some extra attention.....

But unfortunately the ball had been put higher than he could reach for a reason, so the pout didn't win any hearts into giving into to his request.... and he was easily distracted by another dip into the pool!

1 comment:

Drea said...

I saw that face the night of the fire works. I wanted to grab that lil lippy. HAHA

taite did that at like a week old. :-)

and us bad moms who snap pics of our kids in pain or in tears. haha