Monday, July 7, 2008

Real Cookies

Since Christopher was diagnosed with an egg allergy, I really have tried to limit eggs from my baking. Christopher is really good about trying new food items and we've always felt bad about have fresh home-baked goodies that he can't even try.

The problem with food allergies is that many times an allergist will tell the parents that by totally eliminating eggs from their diets the food allergy has a better chance of "leaving". So although neither of the younger children will react to baked goodies with eggs, I still don't often allow them to have it. One of those: It's for your benefit, even though it's tough right now:(

We really missed yummy brownies until we found that brownie recipe I posted last month. But I still haven't found a yummy cookie recipe that holds together like a cookie and has the same texture as a cookie......and I've tried plenty.... usually I adapt the regular recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook and put the cookie dough into a 9 by 13 pan and make "cookie bars".

Finally, after browsing around the Internet I found the Ener-G Egg Replacer and a "local" store that carried it. My first desire was to make boxed brownies with it and they came out like oil-drenched fudge.... so boxed brownies didn't work!!!

Last weekend, I tried again. I made some oatmeal raisin and oatmeal chocolate chip from scratch and used the egg replacer. Then I put the dough into the oven.....not sure what would emerge:) But they cookies turned our PERFECT..... the kids were soo excited to eat cookies again:) And so now we get to see what other kind of cookie creations we can make....


Stacey said...

That's awesome!! My problem is that when I bake, I end up eating it all myself because no one else is that excited about baked stuff like cookies and brownies.

Anonymous said...

Glad you found this the way it is right what the allergist said. Egg and tomatoes are typically food allergies for children and as a grown-up it often happens that they do not be allergic to it. For me was the same with tomatoes. So don't give up hope for Christopher.

Mark and Rachel said...

So glad you've found it and it works! It is always nice to have "real" foods :)