Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The PKs at VBS

My kiddies LOVE VBS.... Anna has been soo excited about it since she saw me collecting materials to decorate and teach with. All last weekend she asked when VBS would be starting:) I know they enjoy structured and activity times, the nursery toys, their teachers and new friends:) And of course they are soo "spoiled" in VBS... the teachers in the pre-school class as always soo sweet and loving to the children!

Lydia getting "help" with her craft today!

Anna "hamming it up" for me...

Christopher didn't want his picture done today. But let me tell you how excited he was today that he had two little boys in his class with him.... yesterday he was the only little boy in the pre-school class! Every time I visited the pre-school class, he was playing cars with them or hammering something:)


Jenn said...

Hey, what cute pics!

I'm sorry we did not make it. David said it would be too much of a drive with the price of gas... =(

So glad your children are having fun with VBS.

Blessings! Jenn

Drea said...

I hate we havent had a chance to make it ... been crazy around here... I may still go to charlotte 2... but at this rate I doubt it :-( I really wanted to see my friend Alan get married.... oh well....