Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Friday Night Out

Our Friday night plans included meeting Uncle Scott, the future Aunt Beatriz and Miss Virginia (Beatriz's mom) for dinner. We actually ended up meeting them closer to home, which was nice on our part:) The restaurant was definitely more upscale than what we're used to... ha ahaa...not quite like McDonalds and Wendys!!!

Christopher sipping out of a real glass!!
Uncle Scott, "Aunt" Beatriz, and Miss Virginia
Grandma and Anna
Anna was eating Smarties... very smart for parents to bring!!
Uncle Scott getting Smarties off of Lydia
Hugs for "aunt" Beatriz from Christopher:)
The "originial" Crew.....
thank goodness for some daughter-in-laws...Grandma has been outnumbered long enough

1 comment:

grammie said...

Now the girls are ahead by "one". Beatriz makes it 6 Busch girls to 4 Busch boys.( Counting great Grandma and uncle Larry.) Nice going Busch girls!!!!!