Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ok, well we're pretty much packed....the parent's clothes are just waiting to go into a suitcase:)The extra activities and snacks we're bringing the kids are in bags and almost ready to be loaded. My camera card was dumped last night (so I have 1 GB of pictures to take....poor family and team).

The task list for today:
*Clean kitchen and bathrooms
*Vacuum house
*Wash bedding and put back on bed
*Fold and sort laundry
*Run into town for last minute stuff and to borrow Andrea's Ergo
*Cook chicken
*Tidy bedrooms before bed
*Go to bed EARLY since we'll be getting up VERY early

*****The crazy thing is WHAT are my kids going to do all day so I can get everything done:)Maybe they'll help....... HA HAHAAA


Anonymous said...

Have a good and save trip to Canada and a very great time there!
Hugs, jenny :-)

Jenn said...

Praying for you to have safe travels and a blessed time ministering in Canada! Let us know when you get back. Can't wait to hear all about it.