Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2nd Day of PREP!!!

If you remember from yesterday, my goal today was to pack....by mid-morning I had the kids all packed in their little backpacks. I thought they all looked so cute with their little backpacks!!!

We are trying to pack as light and small as possible so the backpacks are nice because they can hold a good amount and be stuffed under the seats of the van:)

How much do they hold??? Well we'll be gone for a total of 9 days...2 traveling up, 5 days in Canada, and then 3 back (we're stopping to see family on the way back)..... so the kids' backpacks have at least 3 sets of Pjs, at least 6 outfits (Lydia's has 9), one pair of pants, one sweatshirt and bathing suits (oh, and Anna has underpants)!!!! (We're going to have to wash sometime while away....)

You can tell Christopher likes the whistle that came with the backpack:)

For lunch we ate some watermelon that one of our church members brought over to us (already cut-up!!). Anyway, our little Christopher will try anything and he actually remembered watermelon from having some in May and the recent wedding reception....he dove right in:)

I'm not sure if I've mentioned Christopher's watermelon reaction in May.....but it seems like he only reacts to seedless watermelon. Isn't that strange?? Allergic to only seedless watermelon but can eat all the seeded watermelon that your tummy can hold:)

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Drea said...

hehe you do pack light! love the back packs. 2 cute. im excited to see/hear how the trip goes.