Monday, July 28, 2008

Morning Work : Trash Cans:)

So, our work this morning was to paint the trash cans that the sports complex would use around the park; in order to obtain the permit to use the park at night:) Honestly, none of us knew what to expect, how many, clean or not, etc!!! But we had 8 newly panited cans to "decorate" using themes of where in the park they would be placed (if we wanted). So the skater team did a lot of skater themed graphics and symbols, we did nature and kiddie themes, as well as a basketball theme.

Because we were painting the cans for a public place we couldn't put Christian themes or wording... Brian and I were talking about how challenging it is to encorporate Christian themes without making them "too Christian". Just a reminder of how faith encompasses thought and even words:) But we did include some of the basic fruits of the Spirit which many faiths would view as "goals".... but that we understand as coming from one who has the Holy Spirit.

Here are some pictures of our team hard at work....

And here are our finished products:)

One of my prayers have been that each of us would use the gifts and talents we have during the week to do the ministries that have been laid out for us. So, I was a little worried about how painting trash cans would use our teams' different talents....

BUT some were painters, some were fillers (filled in large painting spaces), others were suppliers (getting supplies and cleaning brushes) and others were directors (encouraging others to finish the tasks, figuring out what to do on each can,etc)..... so even though some didn't paint everyone was used:) Another answer to prayer and plenty more bonding moments....including getting the orange glob of paint off my favorite flip-flops:)


Kimberly said...

Hi Guys - They lok great. I wish I was there to smear some paint and share the word. Continue to be safe.
Love - Kim

purplemommy said...

Thanks for all the comments:)

BY the way you've been tagged. See the rules at my blog.

Mark and Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing the last part. Creative and cute...and a great application of the passage :)