Monday, July 14, 2008

Always "Up To" Something New

Here is my 18-month old .....going on teenager!!! Honestly, I have had soo much fussing from her the last few weeks every time I pick up the phone, the camera or my keys because she wants them. She's even started to say "key" and "hone" (AKA phone). Our kitchen phone has broken so we've been letting her play with it... a "real" phone...and she has only put it down to eat and swim in the baby pool:)

She's also getting to be pretty experienced with putting her own shoes on...she even gets them on the correct feet sometimes:) And she'll say "shoos". I remember this stage with Anna and it's cute. Although I know I'm going to have start being more firm with the fussing:(

And this is what happens when your a little boy is stuck between two very girlie sisters. Christopher has been told that he can't paint his nails and it's sad that he can't join in the "fun". So I got him some clear polish and did his toenails as the girls and I were painting ours PINK.

And what does my 150% boy do when I finished his toenails, he snatched up the bottle and started painting his fingernails:) He is going to be a very good husband......just think when his wife is huge with pregnancy, he'll gladly paint her toenails for her!!!!

And now to my oldest.... she has been wanting to wear Pull-Ups to bed, so we decided that if she woke up dry we'd get her some. Well she's been waking up dry in diapers for days now to get Pull-ups. Then I got to thinking why in the world would I get Pull-ups so she can pee-pee in them at night.

SO last night we came up with a different plan.... 5 Days of wearing big girl pants through the night and she could get a "prize" at the store! And we'd let her pick out the prize... seriously, one pack of Pull-ups is $15 (and that price might be the Walmart brand), I think Anna could get a nice "prize" for at least $15. Right now she's wishing for Princess PJs or a new Little Einstein DVD.....motivation:)

Here she is trying on a hat from Grammie's collection at VBS last week:) My mom would let the preschoolers wear hats during the missions video...and don't you know the kids couldn't wait to get into Missions to wear their hat and watch the video everyday!Too funny and cute!!!


Jenn said...

Hehe, how sweet Christopher is!

josh went thru phases when younger, where he wanted to walk around in jordan's dress up shoes and wear stuff like she wore. I never made a big deal out of it and he is totally all boy too! i mean-it's baseballs and skateboards for him! so now he wouldn't go for that, but i think they just want to be fitting in.

but he DID play dolls with the neighbors little girl because that is what she wanted to do. so he was the daddy. later though...those neighbor boys caught wind of it and were so mean to him about it. i just told josh that he is going to be such a good daddy someday. and i remind him not to let what others think define who he is...i remind him who God says he is!

a few weeks ago we met Drea for dinner, and ran into family dollar to get bubbles. josh wanted to push Taite in the buggy, and Jordan pushed Caleb. As we were walking into the store Josh looked back and whispered to me, "mom, am i going to make a good daddy" and I said yes you definitely are! and he smiled so big. i loved it!!

Grandma said...

I love the idea of hats from other countries. Coleen did a great job. And of course Anna is so sweet in hers. We had not made to connection about the one Christopher had on recently until this.