Sunday, July 27, 2008

No Frills

So.... we decided to do a little grocery shopping to save some money and eat our lunches in the hotel:) So we stopped by the closest grocery store..... called NO Frills.... now the Aldi's crowd could adapt in a second....but us spoiled U.S.A. Super Walmart shoppers...... had a couple of laughs..... first we couldn't get a cart b/c we didn't have any Canadian coins, then we had to use one of our credit cards with an international finance charge and then we had to carry the groceries out b/c we didn't bring our own bags........ I felt like a was stealing the groceries.....

But the prices and selections (especially produce) was pretty good.... bologna wasn' fact even at the Walmart all of the bologna I ahve found contains milk.....WHY???? Anyway, the kids are pretty bummed that they can't have bologna (at least in Canada)!!!

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