Friday, July 18, 2008

Potty Training- disappointment and success

Well if you've read our blog that last few days you'll remember the "Dry Through the Night" deal we've had with Anna. Last night was the final night that she had to remain dry so she could get her "prize". Well in the morning ANna and Grandma told us that she had wet (just a tiny bit) in her warranted a change of pants, but no bedding..... I think Brian and I were more disappointed than Anna because we looked forward to giving her the gift.

Reminds me of the verses:
"If you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children,
how much more will your heavenly Father
give good gifts to those who ask Him." Matt 7:11

Anyway, it's a reminder to me that just as we would like to shower gifts on our children how much the Lord wants that for us. But it's also a reminder to ask God for those things we need, knowing that He wants us to have what we need (not always what we want).

We've thought about letting her pick out the gift while we're out tonight. She wouldn't get to use/play with the gift until she completed one more night..... we're just so proud of her, we wouldn't want her to be discouraged, but she needs to know that she has to complete the task:)

Our Success: As I was putting Lydia in the bathtub this afternoon, she said "I stinky" and so I took her out of the tub and put her on the baby potty...... not minutes later she stood up pointing to her little stinky:) The kids and I were soo excited.... they hugged her and congratulated her... ha ahhaa.

After Canada, I have a "new" method to potty train Christopher and hopefully Lydia. I'm excited to be trying it out and I'm sure you'll hear more as that time approaches:) Until then any little stinky in the potty is one less diaper and closer to potty training:)

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