Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Fun Library Summer

Our Library is doing a fun program this summer called "Catch the Reading Bug". The kids and I have been frequenting our public library every week or so:) The kids love the library and this week one of the librarians came out and helped them pick out books:) Christopher got books on Dinosaurs and Anna got books about princesses:) Because of the number of books the kids and I have read together, they earned their T-shirts today:)

I though I'd share some of our favorites, so far :)

Wild About Books

by Judy Sierra (Author), Marc Brown (Illustrator)

Very cute, it rhymes, has some modern books mentioned (like Harry Potter read by the otters) and it explains why you don't see the animals at the zoo when you visit:)

When Daddy Took Us Camping

By Julie Brillhart

We thought this was a cute book becasue we've been talking about taking a similiar trip:) Anyway, very sweet and reminded us of our own plans and family, even size of the family:)

Hurry! Hurry!
by Eve Bunting

This book contains just a few words on each page. But it does help with memorizing a book, understanding a story by reading the pictures and identifying farm yard animals. Very cute!!!

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Mason and Terri's Mom said...

we've read (and own)all those. Great books!