Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Scary Moment and a Splash Pad

One of the things Grandma was MOST worried about our trip was that we'd have Christopher wander off..... well it happened today but had a VERY VERY good uneventful ending.

We'd been thru 1.5 hours of Kidz Club and we'd been tag teaming the kids and I was wearing Lydia in the Ergo. Anyway, I looked around to just keep tabs on all the kids (which really had been sticking close to us). Well when I looked around, I counted 1 (on my back), 2 Anna with Brian, 3 ?????.....

I started frantically looked around and a handful of team members left their activities and went different ways to find him (around the lake, to the parking lot, down each of the four trails, etc)....I'm not sure HOW LONG he was GONE... but it was too long.....

So, everyone went looking for him and found him walking out of the wooded area behind the parachute area. He came out carrying a stick "shooting" people....and with a stinky. Needless to say I went to the car and put on his Doggie backpack so I could have his "leash" on him and keep him close!!!

Anna at the Splash Pad

Christopher and Lydia at the Splash Pad

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