Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a Snip

Ever since I got my haircut, my long-haired sidekick has told me that she'd like to get her haircut, too. The stipulations were that she and I had to cut it and it had to look like mine:)

Ok, I totally can't cut hair. I mean, I've helped cut Christopher's a couple of times but I'm totally following directions and trimming....I could never look at a hairstyle and attempt to copy it on someones head.... especially not on Anna's beautiful head of hair.

So tonight was the night when we planned that after her bath I would pull all her hair on top of her head. Brush it smooth and then we'd trim some off at the ends. During her bath she totally was in the groove of things. But as soon as I took out the scissors she started to sing a different tune;)

She still let me brush and totally refused to get it cut only after I'd gotten it completely ready and started to hand her the scissors:) Anyway, she fussed about not wanting it cut and I snipped some off at the ends....she's clueless that it was even cut:) We'll see what it looks like dried in the morning!!!


Drea said...

awe look at her face!!

Anonymous said...

Guess what? I already wondered that you did not tell earlier that Anna wants her hair cut, too. I thought it from the very first moment when you had your cut that she maybe wants shorter hair like Mommy. Did you cut a lot now or just a little bit? I did not really get it from your text, sorry!

Jenn said...

That is a great pic, even though she is not a happy camper. You definitely captured the moment. : ) She's a cutie!