Monday, July 14, 2008

Little One's Understanding Food Allergies

I was asking the kids this morning if they wanted bananas. Lydia squeals back , "Nana". Anna raises her hand(must be learning this in SS) and says," I want one". And then Christopher answers, "No, Anna you can't have a banana, it has egg in it."

Hhahaaha... ok the funny thing is that bananas totally DON'T have eggs, obviously. The other funny thing is that Anna isn't allergic to eggs, he is! So he is just repeating what we usually have to tell him. But the good thing is that he's catching on that he can't have eggs and that will be nice when he is older and can determine or ask about allergy-foods before he eats them......especially because right now he'll try to eat anything that looks appealing.

Lydia is on SIMPLE today....showing off her Riley Roos and SIMPLE is hosting a Riley Roos giveaway.... anyway the shoes are too cute:)


Jenny said...

That's good that he has understood it. I had an allergic reaction this last weekend and I got kind of upset and sad about it. Today I left work earlier because I still did not feel well. And in the afternoon I called the doc and I will go for a food allergy test on Wednesday morning. Cross your fingers for me that I will not show reaction to too much.

Mark and Rachel said...

That's too cute what Christopher said! Ha, ha! Glad he is catching on--will definitely come in handy!