Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yes, I'm Still AWAke

Well I didn't quite get to my cleaning I'm doing it tonight...I vacuumed the kids to sleep tonight:)

So we're leaving in the morning......the projected departure time is 4am!!!!! Yes, we're trying to leave early b/c we have at least 11 hours of travel time then add stops, etc....we're hoping to get to our Thursday night hotel by 6pm..... just enough time to eat, swim and sleep....

*Pray for our travel time and safety
*Pray for everyone's sanity..... we'll be in the car with each other for a LONG time:)
*Pray that God would prepare hearts to hear
*ANd for our mouths and hearts to be ready, willing and able to share (an old Petra song...sorry)

I asked Anna tonight WHY? we were going to Canada. She first answered "to swim" (which we are hoping to do at the hotels). But I asked her, "Anything else?" And She said, "To meet new friends and tell them about Jesus." Yay!!


Stacey said...

Happy travels!

rebecca said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!


Jenn said...

We are praying! Have a blessed time and can't wait to hear all about it!