Monday, March 15, 2010

32 Weeks... finally an update;)

These last few weeks Lydia has been the impatient kiddo when it comes to baby brother. She asked me one morning this week while I was in the shower (at 7:15am, mind you),"Is my little brother here yet?" I answered,"No." She responded,"Well, when is my little sister coming?" LOL!!

I still feel great... just get tired!!! I nap in the afternoons though, yes.... even with the construction guys here:) I don't think I could get through dinner and the evening hours without some moments of rest!! Probably due to being 32 weeks pregnant!!! But I also think it's due to staying up tooo late and not getting outside to "get into shape"!

There is a BIG change though in me that I am not excited about AT ALL!!! I have noticed my feet and legs swelling........ grrrrrr!!!!

I have always gotten a little swollen.... but with Anna, my legs and feet got soo big that it was gross to look at. I had people stop me at the grocery store and offer to get me a wheelchair or if I needed "help"!

So that has started again...... and it's early, so I can only imagine how big they will get in the next few weeks. The only good things are that it doesn't mean anything is wrong, it doesn't affect Nathaniel and it goes totally away before I'm a week postpartum... or it did when I had Anna!!

Some of my cravings are back!!! LOL!! I was really craving cheese.... which most of you know isn't found in our milk-allergy house. So cheese crackers and just cheese has been a yummmmmy snack. And chocolates... my favorites are the mini Easter eggs "AKA glorified M&Ms" (always have been my favorites!!!!). I read that baby needs more calcium during these next few weeks so his bones can harden.... good excuse, right!!

Another craving has been grapefruit. I bought some on sale a few weeks ago and have had the fridge STOCKED since then... as long as I eat them in the morning with other food I haven't had trouble with them causing heartburn:) Chris likes them too:)

And now onto NATHANIEL!!!!!

I have blogged before about him having "quiet days".... but it's actually more than that. He is just been a low-key baby to carry. I can feel him move only when I eat/drink and sit/rest. His favorite kicking times are afternoon naptime and when I first lay in bed. And his kicks are really like nudges... he's just really gentle and I feel him pushing on my hips more than in my ribs/chest.

At my OB appt on Friday, I mentioned how "quiet" Nathaniel has been. My midwife seemed concerned until I told her that he's been that way since I first started feeling him move. His patterns really haven't changed... he's just a "quiet", or maybe it's content, baby thus far.

On my chart it has that Nathaniel is breech.... he's NOT head-down!! So Friday, she mashed around on my belly to figure out how Nate is situated.... she was STUMPED! She didn't have a clue what was his head or his bottom and he was lying across my belly instead of up and down.....
Right now it isn't a problem. But at 36 weeks, if he isn't FOR SURE head-down, we'll be getting another ultrasound, and then proceeding from there... lets just say it doesn't sound fun!!

After some hunting around she found his heartbeat. It was steady and fine. But she really had to hunt since she wasn't sure how he was laying!!! She thought maybe some of his movements have been "gentle/quiet" because of the weird way he is laying.

AS far as preparations go...
1. Got Chris' newborn clothes washed and ready... might have to hunt for some more seasonal items since Chris was a winter baby:)

2. We bought a stroller and infant carseat on clearance with a coupon:) It's a Graco and I have really loved the Graco carseats we have owned.... so I was excited!!

3. The crib is up;) Just need to get the bedding washed and put on:)

Right now were just helping where we can with the renovations and trying to get through the schooling!! I'd love to have Anna finished the main subjects and only have history and science left to enjoy over the summer!!


Melissa G. said...

You look great! Pregnant women are just the most beautiful people!
Congratulations on your pregnancy. How exciting!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Can't believe how close you are getting! :) Tirzah was breech for awhile but she turned. Hopefully your little guy will settle into just the right spot!

Stam House said...

First ting first you look amazing!!! Praying that baby will move head down! Was going to write more but my pregnancy brain isn't functioning well!

So that is it for the comment If I remember what I wanted to say I'll be back LOL

Helen said...

Hey Kelly,

I wanted to suggest that you might try to find a chiropractor to flip the baby.

With this last pregnancy, Micah was transverse for the majority of the pregnancy. It took a couple of adjustments to get him to stay head down, but I could definitely tell when he was there. Coincidentally, he got a lot more active when he was head down.

I can give you more info if you want.



Angela said...

Love reading your updates. You make me miss being pregnant :)
You have plently of time for Nate to turn. I'm sure your midwife will tell you that there are exercises you can to to encourage him to move head down. Praying you continue to enjoy these remaining days

Jenny said...

I'm so happy you are both doing well. My cousin had that same travel system and it was great!

My nephew laid sideways a lot too. In fact, at 34 weeks she felt him turn head down and just 3 hours later he was born. He was 6 weeks early!

3 for Me! said...

Ohhh. Jenny!! That's amazing;) Maybe that will be OUR story... as long as Nate is healthy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

well, of course, I am hoping that Nathan will turn by itself soon and you still have got some time for him to do it. But what I would like to suggest you is NOT to go to a chiropractor, this is too dangerous. But if you are not afraid for needles you should try acupuncture! It will stimulate Nathan to turn and if your midwife/hospital will allow you can also have acupuncture during the birth as it can take away your pain.

Erin said...

I too had a quiet/content baby. It seemed the only times I felt him were when I was about to dial the OB/GYN.

Praying he moves into "position" at the appropriate time.

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Three of my babies turned! Try to enjoy the last 2 months!

Margaret said...

I jsut found your blog and am enjoying it! Congrats on the baby!