Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What to do with the Little Ones??

Ever since I've tried to "organize" our days (attempting to have some structure).... I've thought about how to keep the little ones busy while I had a little "teaching time" with Anna. Thank goodness most of our time is doing stuff together and we have only a few times during the day when Anna and I need quiet and the little ones are awake...

So during those times I've been giving them "something" to do. It usually involves something that will keep them "quiet" and busy but nearby. So I've been pulling out some of the "rainy day" toys, newer coloring books, special paper/markers.... just to keep those little hands busy and to keep them from getting too loud. Here was their "quiet" play today!!

And for those who are starting to wonder if my kids are ever fully dressed.... hahahaha... with potty training Christopher got used to NOT wearing pants and as long as were inside I'm thinking it's one less article of clothing to wash,dry,fold, and put away (although he is wearing night shorts here). But outside he now must wear pants!! And Lydia is still wanting to potty training (although she had an off day today).... since she has to dis-robe when she pottys, it's just easier right now to let her run around in training pants:)

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Drea said...

Love the train pic.. so cute. our boys playd with their train the entire time I was on the phone w/ u :-)