Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Bike Contraption

A couple of months ago my mom was cleanign out her garage and found the old bike that she'd connect to her my little brother could ride with her. When our little guys are too big to ride in a seat and too little to ride safety on the road (or at least with Mom and and Dad comfortable with them riding on the road)....there aren't many solutions.

Well we found the replacement part for our AlleyCat and so now Brian can pull the little ones in the trailer and I can ride with Anna "helping" on the AlleyCat....

.... BOTH Anna and Christopher tried it and LOVED riding on it:) Although Christopher feet can't quite get to the peddles, yet:)And I'm thinking it will also be a good transition for Anna as she's really wanting to ride her bike without training wheels... so maybe this will give her the confidence:)

By the way... still enjoying the pics with Anna's camera??


grandma & granddaddy said...

That looks like soo much fun. We'd like to try that!

3 for Me!! said...

Come visit and we'll let you take a spin or two!!! LOve you!

grammie said...

I loved that bike!!! Aww memories just come flooding back. One time I even took Eric to a McDonald's drive-thru, that was a hoot. Enjoy it.

I mostly used it on bike trails and stayed away from highways.

The only problem we had was the handle bars would loosen so check those regularly. Have fun!!

Stacey said...

That's so neat! Rowan would love that. I don't bike with the kids very often at all, and I used to bike everywhere before I got married!