Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New Hideout

We tried to get some yardwork done this evening... We did well keeping tabs on the kids utnil Christopher "disappeared". We found him in a very boy-spot... climbing up into a bush.

So for any of those out there who might one day be at our house, outside with the kids and they all run in different directions. You then count "1,2.... wheres #3... Christopher?? Christopher??"

Make sure you check INSIDE the bush to the right of the house... He's probably in there!!

And yes, for all those who have been the least bit interested in my camera.... I receievd it back today....YAY!! It's back... no more cheesy baby camera least not from me:)

I was very, very impressed with Canon... their customer service, repair times, etc!! And of course I LOVE my camera!!


aunt jaclyn said...

so funny i think he might need a little boy cousin to play with one of these days.....

Anonymous said...

okay, I will keep up in my mind that I have to search for Christopher in the trees or bushes whenever I need to search for him ;-) It's really cute.

Jenn said...

Awe, he is all boy! Cute.

Hope everything turns out well with your camera.

grammie said...

Yeah you got your camera!!!

Hope there weren't any ANTS living in that bush. And no shoes. OUCH