Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday at Work

We went and worked as a church this morning and afternoon.... we did alot of tasks to help "tidy up" the ministry we were helping. A huge blessing for us personally is that the "missionary" family has smaller kids similiar in ages to Christopher and Anna!! But we had a full workday and it's always soo freshing to be with church members working side-by-side (alhtough I mostly kept my kids and took pictures).

So here are the cute kiddie pics of the day:)

(Anna was enjoying the hug.... I just took the pic during an expression change!! Sweet girls... even trying on each other's flip-flops and giggling/hiding under beds!)

We know we had a good day when we are already wanting to see the pictures of our "new" friends and church members.... when we all get home, eat, bathe and go to bed:) The kids were asking to go to be at 8:15pm tonight.... they are usually in bed by 9!!