Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spouse Look-A-Like?

Have you heard that the longer people are married the more and more they start looking alike???

Well Brian recently (fri) got a new pair of glasses!! It was much needed since he hadn't had a new pair since before we were married and he hadn't had an eye examine since we moved to our current home:)

The night before he went, we did a virtual try-on session!! It was fun and really good since at the doctors office he picked out frames AFTER his eyes were dialated!!!! I joked him them that he was choosing frames that looked like mine:)

Well here we are:

I wonder if he chose frames like mine because he's used to seeing me? And maybe we dress more alike now because we both like to give our opinions about each others clothes.... I've got some more collared, fitted blouses and on the weekends he's got some dark, carpenter jeans:)

In all cases, it's fun to have someone who knows you as well as your spouse does. They are a source of support, companionship, stability, love and yes, sometimes admonishment!!!


Jenn said...

That is GREAT!

People have said that David and I look like brother and David even looks like my Dad and my brother David. Kind of wild, isn't it?

You both really do look like brother and sister! =)

What a blessing our spouses are.

Drea said...

thats just weird! LOL u even smiled like him!! hahahaha

Drea said...

oh and be glad people may think he is ur brother. ive been called travis' daughter way to often...