Monday, September 8, 2008

Picnic 4 Two, Our 1st Homeschool Preschool Day

Sunday nights are always kind of "different" around our house. When we all get back from church it's kind of late and we usually have a big breakfast meal or leftovers:)

Last night was different because Anna decided to stay at choir practice with Brian. I took the two little ones home and decided just to feed them instead of waiting for everyone.... to mix stuff up more, I fed them in the living room! They LOVED the change and had a blast! I wish a could post all of the pictures, but I'm still learning to use my camera; so some aren't the clearest :(

Today we officially started our "homeschool preschool"...phew..... I wish I could say that our day went soo smoothly and the kids just lapped up all the learning opportunities and minded me soo well.... the day was a struggle starting with the 5, 5:45 and 6:30am wake ups, the extreme poopey diaper leak and the emotional breakdown over the reading lesson....

Good thing Momma got in a little Bible reading and contemplation during the morning clean-up/bath playtime resulting from the diaper leak. AND I looked at what we wanted to accomplish today and we completed it ALL....except 1/2 of the reading lesson:)

I had a good estimate of a schedule but with having toddlers and preschoolers flexibility is REQUIRED.... but I think tomorrow I'm going to break the reading into TWO separate sessions.... one reason is so that Anna doesn't get overwhelmed with direction (which I think was the reason for the breakdown today) and the second reason is that it's challenging to keep Anna focused when after 15minutes or so of quiet activity the 2 little ones are back to wrestling and chasing each other around the house!!


grammie said...

From the pictures it looks like Christopher got another hair cut. How did he do?? Any improvement??

FLEXIBILITY is right! You never know what surprises you'll come up against.

I had a thought the other day. Anna is so perceptive of her world around her and can describe what she means: example -how Christopher's legs got bitten, she even gave the perspective of the ant..."he looks like someone good to bite" she ought to be writing some little books. She could use words that she knows and maybe even put in some photos or illustrations to go with the story. A project like that would give her incentive to learn more words and who knows maybe even write a "best seller".

Kimberly said...

Have you ever thought of using one of the empty sunday school rooms as a classroom instead of using your house. That would give the kids the feel of a more structured environment and of actually going to school and not being at home in their play environment. It could easily be transformed and I 'm sure no church member would mind. I'd be glad to help if u want.I agree with Grammie on the writing with Anna . She is such a bright child and very eager to learn and try new things. Cut pics out of magazines. Let her glue to a page.Write what it is under photo. Example : picture of cat,dog,bird,boy ,girl,mom and dad,siblings.Love you guys to the moon and back.

3 for Me!! said...

I like the idea of about having a different space... but right now we're really just doing preschool and so some of our time is around the table, other time is reading on the couch, or playing a game on the floor..... but other times we're practicing making our bed, setting the table (Chores training,etc) which would mean making trips to and from the house.

When we start doing grade work though... that's an idea!!! I've been thinking of Brian working at the church, but maybe we could??

Jenn said...

Personally, I love schooling together around our dining table. For me, when they get older it gets to be a pain to move all the curriculum to different locations and back home, etc. I guess b/c mine are older, it is nicer to have all of their books at home and where they need them without having to drag everything back and forth.

I also enjoy mixing it up and meet different places...for subjects such as art and music or science and history. That is nice to have the option of using your sunday school rooms too for activitie and perhaps you may enjoy combining with other homeschool children for certain group activities. Lap books are so fun to do together with groups.

Trust me...we struggle too with bad days and getting off schedule! Being relaxed and flexible is the key for sure.

I have those days where the kids are just whining and complaining from the moment I say "let's begin".

We all have a bad day at times, and sometimes I just cry with them...and we begin again...after praying the asking God to remind us why we chose to homeschool in the first place. =)

Yesterday was a hard day with Josh, but today is much much better. Praise God! It is so good that you are beginning while they are so young, and getting them into a good routine together. That is wonderful!

Praying for you, and you pray for me. We will be back home next week, would love to see you then. Jenn