Friday, September 19, 2008

Preschool Writing

I've had this laying around.... and I've meaning to blog it because I find it to be soo funny and because it's an EASY idea to do with your little ones; helping them learn to create their own stories, begin to process of writing with them, scissor control if they cut out out their own pictures and help with word recognition and spelling.

One of our year goals is for Anna to dictate to me a story and then copy the story onto her paper herself (or just have me help with words she cant spell).... but we're not quite there yet... ie a "year goal"!

I couple of weeks ago Christopher was supposed to be hunting for pictures in a magazine that were blue. Anna also loves doing this activity so she starting hunting out blue pictures and then started hunting for pictures she "liked".

Since we have a wedding in just a couple of weeks, Anna has been talking of marraiges, weddings, dresses, etc endlessly:) I wasn't surprised when she chose this picture.

And here is the story she made to go with it (I did help with grammer.... next time I don't think I will... have it be a real example of what she's doing):

These people are getting married. Someone is giving them a married box. There is
coffee and candy in the box. They are happy.

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~~Devita~~ said...

really nice!!

Grammie said...

Coffee and candy, what a nice wedding gift!! Where does she come up with this stuff? Funny